What to do in 1 Week to Increase Your 40 Yard Speed?

You (or your athlete) can run faster for 1 week. Parents/coaches ask me for different ways to support their athletes. A few weeks back, it was exactly the same. A high school football player’s father called and asked me how to help him improve in his 40-yard sprint at an upcoming combines. You can see https://healingpicks.com/average-40-yard-dash-time-by-age/ for more information. This is an outline of what happened:

Weekly schedule: Week 1, Thursday through Sunday, 4 camp/combines of college football. 1 per each day. Plus driving. Best 40 time: 4.72 hand time, 4.73 best 40.

Week 2: Mon-Wed active rest

Thursday: our first meeting. On that particular day, when I evaluated him, he had a hand time of 4.92. He is good in his last twenty yards, but needs to improve on the first twenty.

Friday: 1000m pace runs, showers hot/cold, and massage

Saturday: Acceleration training. Between sets, do 2 sprints at no resistance. Timing 40 in 4.82 second hand time. First 20 yd faster than Thursday ….Hot/cold massage, shower

Sunday: 8km tempo run with massage and easy skills patterns. Hot/cold shower.

As a result of scheduling, Monday night we will meet. We were able to rest for more than 24 hrs from the previous Sunday. Finish with two sprints each of 20 yards. Your best time should be just 0.1 secs faster than yesterday. Warm/cold water showers, massage

Tuesday: Heavy Bench Press (athletes’ maximum is 275lbs). Hot/cold bath, 2x240lbs. Massage as needed.

Wednesday: Combine day. Running 4.70 Hand-start with electronic finish. (4.6 Hand time). Vertical jumped for 30 inches. This is 2 inches above the previous best.

The time can be affected by different methods of measuring the hand speed. It was our goal to reduce the time of our hands below 4.70. The athlete and I talked for quite a long time, so that we could understand his training regimen, what he did at the combine etc., which made it easy to plan for him.

He was overtrained by the travel and combination. Our only focus was on the mechanics of recovery.