You can take care of your vending machines in a few simple steps

The coils in vending machines are similar to those found on refrigerators and require the same maintenance. Heating vending machines have boilers, which require descaling. You can see for more information.

The machine must be maintained in order to keep its technicality. To prevent the mold growing in your machine, this is vital. In vending devices, bacteria can form if food stays inside for an extended period of time.

You should always maintain vending machines, even if you plan to sell them. You can avoid expensive repairs with regular maintenance. Your business will flourish if you reduce the cost of repair.
Coil Cleaning Solutions for Refrigerated Vending Machines

The coils of vending machine stop cooling if dust, grime, grease and other contaminants accumulate. Airflow is restricted, which makes the unit work harder. By cleaning the coils, heat is transferred more efficiently and the cooling process is less stressed. The coils must be regularly checked for any build-up. Cleaning is required at least every month for most units. A thin layer of dust can negatively affect the efficiency of your unit, says Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

When coils are only covered in a thin, light dust layer, a vacuum can be used to clean the dust. To remove dust, there are many different tools. Pick one that lets you reach hard to reach areas.

A detergent may be necessary to dissolve the dirt, grime and rust on coils in preparation for heavy deposits. You should choose a soapy detergent to avoid mildew or fungi, as well as odors.
The Best Way to Clean Heated Vending Machines

It is important to regularly descale heated machines (such as espresso, coffee or cappuccino machines) in order to prevent mineral deposits from accumulating inside the boiler and heat exchanger. The best way to remove scale is by descaling often. Instead of completely removing it, aggressive descaling could cause chunks to form, which will cause additional issues and blockages. This can affect the taste of beverages, but it also causes valves to become clogged and cause water lines to be obstructed. Water flow restrictions can have a negative impact on the operation of the machine, and may even require costly repairs.

Choose a good biodegradable cleanser from a trusted manufacturer that will remove calcium, lime, rust from equipment, and any other deposits. You can use it on steel, aluminum, brass or copper. It is also safe to clean plastic and rubber.

Please check with your manufacturer on the proper procedure to descaling the machine. This includes what products to use.